JK Boer Goats

About Us:

Jk Boer Goats is a family owned little farm nestled on a ridge top in West Virginia. The Boer goats are owned by me, ( Kimmie Brooks) and my sister ( Jenny Brooks). We started in August 2009, by purchasing the Reserve Grand Champion Doe at the Marshall County Fair (Fluffy) and also another doe that won second in her class(Sally).  I kept them a year before breeding them to allow them to get bigger. This year we took our does to Silver Creek Boers in DeGraff, Ohio, Home to the Ennobled  Mystic Force and Former home to the Ennobled Magnum Desperado Ward, Ennobled Tank, and Ennobled Chester. While Visiting this farm, I also purchased two yearling does, Baylie is the Daughter to Pow/Holman 223s "POW" and the other yearling (Missy) was sired by ONBG Rocket. I currently just purchased another doe from The McMillian Family Boer Goat Farm in southern West Virginia. We only are expecting kids from Fluffy and Sally this year but will be expecting to show at the Marshall County Fair and also the West Virginia State Fair. I plan on breeding all five of my does for the 2012 show year. Until then keep posted and i will be updating pictures and information on the shows we attend and also the kids we will be having!

Happy Farming !!!